Class will begin at 2:00pm with welcome and introductions. Following will be a presentation covering homebirth issues and questions.

Some of the issues covered will be:

*Who qualifies for a home birth?
*Is homebirth safe?
*What is a midwife?
*Midwifery care vs Doctors standard of care.
*Home birth vs hospital birth.
*Empowerment: the birth process and you.
*Prenatal, postpartum care and labor.
*Building a support team
*Family issues, dealing with the fear of others.
*Emergency intervention - when and why.

Next we will open up the class to discuss and address any and all questions, fears and observations, with sincere, factual responses.

Class will then close with a brief presentation on how other forms of natural medicine, like acupuncture, herbs and homeopathy, can go hand in hand with midwifery and homebirth.

More and more homebirth has become a safe, natural and empowering birth option for women in the greater Los Angeles area.

All that being said the most essential part of the class is you, and our most important goal is that you leave class will all of the knowlegde and confidence you need to make your birth experience special, joyfull and empowering.

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